Monthly training

Training in winter means no bugs!

Training in winter means no bugs!

We can schedule time for your horse to come to our place to learn to drive.  Remember, every horse is different, so there’s no absolutes on how long it may take for your horse to learn.  Also, some horses just are not suited for driving.  We can usually tell you after about two weeks if your horse is probably not suited.

If your horse comes here for training, he or she will have a box stall during the night, and be turned out in a small paddock area during the day.  Or, just the opposite: in during the day and out at night.

The current rate is $600 per month, which includes food, board and training.

Ground driving is an essential step

Pulling the stone boat

Teaming up to drive

In recent years, interest in driving has grown immensely. In response to the many people who want to be able to drive their horse, we have developed a driver’s training program for the human and the equine. This is a six week course for you, your horse, and your human helper. We will teach you and your helper the step by step process we use to train driving horses. We call it “Teaming Up to Drive” and the cost is $600.00.
SteveandPaigeWe provide six sessions, one per week, of hands-on instruction in an indoor arena.  You will have the opportunity to drive well-trained horses and rookie horses.

You will receive take home study material, including lessons to work through with your horse during the week.  Come back the next week with questions.  You’ll bring your own equine to the last four sessions and you will be able to watch your horse and the other horses as they learn and progress.  You will develop a community to rely on when you drive your horse.  You will also learn about local driving clubs and where to find equipment.

Classes are limited to four equine students.

Barn calls

If you have encountered a problem with your driving horse, and feel that you want help, give us a call.  We can talk over what’s happening and schedule a time to come to your place and help.

Maybe you have not encountered any problems, but feel uncertain of what you’re doing or of how to proceed farther with your horse.  Please call and arrange a time for us to get together. Or, if you’ve got a driving horse, a harness, and a cart, but it’s been years since you’ve done any driving and you want help getting it all together, give us a call, we’d be happy to come and help.

Sometimes we hear from people who own a horse that knows how to drive, but the person doesn’t know and would like to learn.  Call us, we can get you started on the path that makes sense for you.  We can come to your home or barn to provide guidance or instruction or help for $75.00 an hour.  If you can come to our barn, the cost is $50.00 an hour.